What Is Blonde Espresso? (Includes Recipe)

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What Is A Blonde Espresso?

The Starbucks blonde espresso consists of a medium-light roast of a Latin American blend of coffee. Starbucks made it this way to be balanced and easy to drink!

Espresso is a very strong drink and has a flavor too match. Some people may like the caffeine benefits and flavor, but they may not like so much of it. This is why the blonde espresso was created by Starbucks!

Blonde Espresso Roast – Verana Blend

The Verana blend was created back in 2012, it’s not cheap either. While 900 grams of regular grocery store coffee can be picked up for between $10-$20, the Verdana blend is $70 for 793g of coffee ground. However, if you have been buying coffee at Starbucks, paying a lot for a cup of coffee is probably expected by now.

How Much Caffeine In A Blonde Espresso?

The Starbucks Blonde roast has a staggering 360mg of coffee. A regular cup of coffee has about 40mg of caffeine. That’s why people drink espresso, for the extra kick! Regular dark roasts from Starbucks has 260mg, and a medium roast has 310mg. That’s a lot of variation in the same type of drink. If you’re used to one roast, switching to another roast may give you an uncomfortable amount of caffeine!

Blonde Espresso Roast Level

Starbucks uses a “light roast”, however, when compared to other companies, this is more comparable to a medium roast. Starbucks is infamous for having darker roasts on average more than most companies!

Why Is It Called A Blonde Espresso?

“Blonde” is a way of separating it out from the darker roasts. Since it is a much lighter blend, it also has a lighter flavor and aromatic profile, making it perfect for people who want a softer experience.

How Do You Make A Blonde Espresso?

You make a blonde espresso the same way you would make a normal one! It’s basically just the roast of the beans that will make the difference. If you’re wondering how to make an espresso at home, we have the instructions written out already here!

Need to make steamed milk for your blonde espresso? We got a recipe on that too!
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