How Many Milliliters In A Shot Of Espresso?

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How Many Milliliters In A Shot Of Espresso?

The standard serving size in a single shot of espresso is 30ml, 28 grams, or 1 fl. oz (28 ml). A double shot of espresso is twice that much. A traditional Italian serving of a single espresso, however, is 25ml. Finally, a solo shot of espresso at Starbucks is 22.2ml!

Espresso – Size Of The Shot

Making coffee for certain types of coffee, such as espresso, needs to be done very precisely, for a consistently reliable experience. Many coffee enthusiasts will use scales that way precisely down to the .01 of a gram so they know their measurements are absolutely precise!

Italians are infamous for having precise measurements, they even have a full nationally recognized institute that is based entirely around espresso! It is the Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano. This should tell you how serious they are about the accuracy of the coffee! 

You can even get a certification from this institution showing you have gone through the proper training!

While we don’t expect you to enroll for their certification, it does give us a good source to turn to for what should be the exact measurements of the drink, as backed by an actual recognized body. This insitution states that the “official” Italian espresso shot should be within 2.5ml of 25ml! This gives you a proper range of accuracy from 22.5ml to 27.5ml. 

Starbucks espresso, however, tends to be a little less than that, as they only measure 22.2ml instead of the recognized 25ml.

How To Weigh Your Espresso

If you’re going to venture into the world of coffee making as a hobby, we would highly recommend you get a reliable, high-quality, precision scale. If you just “eyeball” your measurements, your fellow coffee enthusiasts may not take you so seriously!

Thankfully, if you’re looking to measure something that precise, scales aren’t very expensive! You can pick up this 0.01 scale here that has over 5k ratings with a star rating of 4.5 for only $15.99CAD at the time of this post.

How Big Is A Double Espresso?

A double espresso is 55-60ml, or twice the amount of a single espresso! The measurements are specific here so remember to be precise again, espresso is a very strong drink. If you’re of by 10-25% because you didn’t use a scale, that could be a pretty jittery mistake if your caffeine sensitive.
Once again, if you’re at Starbucks ordering a double espresso shot it’s going to be smaller than 60ml, it will be about 44ml!

What’s The Size Of An Espresso Cup?

It’s a small drink, so using a big cup probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do for looks and ease of drinking the espresso shot. Espresso cups are quite small and generally only hold between 50-100ml of liquid in them. This isn’t your dads oversized travel mug!
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