Descale a Keurig – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

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Like most coffee lovers, you probably use your Keurig coffee maker every other day, or maybe even every day. Eventually through enough use, you will have to clean it with a descaling solution! There are also lots of benefits to keeping your coffee machine clean!

Your Keurig coffee maker needs to be cleaned every now and again! How do you this? Well you need some time, a descaling solution, and a little elbow grease! Descaling your Keurig coffee maker will keep your coffee tasting fresh for longer! The descaling process is pretty straight forward and mainly includes a lot of scrubbing and cleaning.

Ready to clean your coffee maker?

What Does It Mean To Descale A Keurig?

Descaling simply refers to the process of cleaning your Keurig machine. This keeps your machine sanitary, improves the taste of the coffee, and keeps the machine working longer! Everyone should decsale their machine to keep it running smoothly!

How Often Should I Descale A Keurig? 

You should descale it once every 3 months, this means 3-4 times a year, even the busiest individuals among us should be able to make the time for that.

Watch The Official Keurig Descaling Video

Are you a visual learner? That’s totally ok! Keurig has done an excellent job of showing how to descale their machines. If you want to watch their video, you can go right ahead!


Please read the entire article before you began! You will want to make sure you have all the right equipment to descale it properly!

How Do I Descale A Keurig?

Now that you know how important descaling is, lets discuss the steps!

What Do I Need To Descale A Keurig?

You will need the following:

  • Soap (liquid dish soap would be best)
  • Wash cloth
  • Soft scouring pad or sponge
  • A sink or basin
  • A descaling agent
  • White vinegar (optional descaling agent)

Need To Buy A Descaling Agent?

You can buy it on Amazon for less than $15!

Prepare Your Keurig For Descaling

Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged (electricity and water don’t mix well). Then grab your favorite dish soap and give all the components a good solid wash. If you have a lot of build up, it might be good to use a scouring pad, as long as you’re careful not to scratch the paint. Even a good sponge will work. 

To effectively hand wash your machine remove the following:

  • Lid
  • Mug tray
  • K-cup holder
Scrub all these parts with warm to hot soapy water until they appear to look clean. This process shouldn’t take you more than an hour. Afterwards, give them time to air dry, until you’re sure their not wet.
After they are dry, reassemble the parts together. Now the actual descaling process begins.

Step 1

Make sure the machine is completely empty, pour any water down the sink and remove and K-cups that may have been in the machine.

Step 2

Get a large mug for draining.

Prepare Your working area

If you don’t have the Keurig descaling agent, you can use white vinegar which is a common ingredient and you should be able to find it at most major grocery stores. Make sure you have several measuring cups worth to complete the entire process. If possible, open the windows, or make sure the working area has good airflow so the smell of the vinegar doesn’t get trapped.

Prepare Your Descaling Agent

You only need one or the other. If you are using the Keurig solution, you can ignore the instructions for the vinegar and vice versa.

Keurig Solution

Empty the full bottle into the reservoir of the machine. Make sure you do this gradually and carefully so you don’t spill any of the solution.

White Vinegar

Mix 7 Oz. of white vinegar with 7 Oz. of water and slowly pour that solution into the reservoir of the machine.

Run Your Descaling Agent Through The Keurig Machine

This will remove the scales through out the machine and is a critical step to producing high-quality coffee.

Step 1

Pretend your brewing a normal cup of coffee. Set up the machine as you normally would for a standard cup of coffee and start the process. However, make sure you have a mug, or container to catch the liquid once it exits the machine.

Step 2

Make sure all of the 14 oz. of descaling agent is run through the machine. This will take multiple cups, and you will want to monitor the process so you don’t spill any of the agent, or the white vinegar. 

Step 3

If your machine has gone through a lot of use without descaling, you will probably notice that the water is flowing more smoothly, and filling up the cups easier.

Flush The Keurig With Tap Or Bottled Water

It doesn’t matter if you use bottled or tap water for the machine, this is based on personal preference.

Step 1

Clean the reservoir by wiping it down with a damp rag. Make sure you have cleaned out all of the white vinegar or Keurig solution. Be very diligent here as remaining residue could affect the taste of the coffee. Afterwards, fill the reservoir with pure water and run it through the machine. You may want to do this one or two times.

Step 2 

After you have ran the water through the machine, preferably twice, sniff the water to see if there is any odor of the vinegar or solution. Then take a small taste to see if it tastes like water (the Keurig solution or white vinegar will not cause you any harm if there is any remaining). 

Step 3 (optional)

If the water does taste like either the Keurig solution or white vinegar, repeat steps 1 and 2 until you are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it needs to be descaled! Descale your coffee maker on a regular basis to prevent this warning.

It depends on what your preference is. Some user reviews have said that the Keurig descaling agent may leave a citrus odor in the machine. It may even affect the taste of it.

It probably won’t matter for a one time use. However, if you know you have hard water that can cause a build up, you may want to use bottled water instead.

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