Coffee Carafe – What Is It?

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A coffee carafe is meant to hold the coffee in a container that makes it easy to store and ready to pour. Carafes meant specifically for coffee may also be opaque instead of the clear carafes used for wine!

Coffee Carafe Vs. Carafe

A carafe in general is a clear glass container used to serve beverages. The carafe people are most familiar with is usually made for alcoholic beverages like wine. Since coffee is typically meant to be served hot, a coffee carafe is also designed preserve the heat so it stays at a better drinking temperature for longer.

Types Of Coffee Carafes

There are two main materials coffee carafes are made from:

Glass Coffee Carafe

A glass coffee carafe will be more visually appealing as it will show the coffee inside the carafe. Some people like as you will be able to see how much is left! However, the downsides are less thermal insulation, and the heat from the coffee may warm the glass carafe.

Stainless Steel Carafe

This is the most common type of carafe. It will keep your coffee warmer for longer, and the extra insulation will make it safer to hold. You can also get these carafes in multiple finishes so they suit the decor and style of the kitchen or area they are in!

Why Should I Use A Coffee Carafe?

Temperature Regulation

As mentioned, a carafe will keep your coffee warmer for longer. Coffee carafes specifically are designed for temperature regulation because they are double-walled and vacuum-sealed. This extra protection from the world will allow you to preserve the heat.
If you are using a cold brew method, or you’re brewing iced coffee, the coffee carafe will keep the coffee colder for the longer, and will help to prevent the ice from melting!

Brew Coffee Less Often

You can get a big carafe and reduce the number of times you have to brew coffee. This is because the carafe can hold more coffee than a standard coffee pot, and it will keep it fresh for longer.

Protect Your Coffee

You don’t want the outside air interacting with, or affecting your coffee, so a carafe will help shield your coffee from the elements. This is one more way the coffee will stay fresher for longer since you don’t have to worry about the taste or temperature being affected as much.

Easier To Serve

Depending on the quality and size of your coffee pot, a coffee carafe will make it easier to serve as you can take more coffee for longer away from the machine to your guests! This can save a lot of annoying trips back to the counter!

It’s Fashionable And Trendy!

Do you like showing off your skills and knowledge to your friends and house guests? If you serve them coffee in a boring old pot, it may not seem exciting. However, if you bring it to them in a coffee carafe, it may be a great conversation starter, especially if they also love coffee as much as you, they may even want to know where to buy one!

What Do We Think About Coffee Carafes?

It makes sense to get one, since it preserves your coffee and will help keep you from wasting this precious commodity. However, if you’re working within a budget, this accessory isn’t required to enjoy your coffee. If you don’t want to get one that’s perfectly fine.

If we were going to buy a coffee carafe, we would definitely choose a stainless steel carafe for the extra protection and increased duration of freshness! If you’re going to spend money on something like coffee you may as well get the most benefit for your money!

Where Do I Buy A Coffee Carafe?

You can often find them at specialty coffee stores, or places like Walmart and Hudson’s Bay, depending on the quality you are looking for. You can however, pick one up via Amazon. Check out this 68oz. matte black coffee carafe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! If you don’t want to get one, that’s up to you!

You can a pretty great carafe for under $50 on Amazon and there are lots of options to get one.

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